Tying up the competition

posted by nick97
I've been the top modeling agency for over a decade always winning the award for best model but lately tall leggy Sadie Holmes is all the rage. Sadie works for the competition and I am determined to get her out of commission guaranteeing a win for my model. I ambush Sadie in the hotel room coming up behind her when she as she primps in front of the mirror ... We tussle on the bed but the damp rag overtakes her and soon she is asleep. I seize the opportunity to rope her up starting with a nice tight crotch rope then rolling her over to bind her wrists, ankles and knees. Sadie awakens in a panic and begins starts hopping out of the room but I catch her and shove her back onto the bed stuffing a ballgag into her mouth. I have some fun groping her pussy and tits as Sadie struggles helplessly. I laugh as I straddle her and threaten her with my strap-on if she doesn't cooperate. I anchor her wrists into her crotch rope and finish the sobbing model off in a tight hogtie. The final rope cinches her elbows tightly and she screams and curses me through her gag. Now that I've gotten rid of the competition, I leave the bimbo bound, gagged and helpless while off I go to the award ceremony with a win for my top model. Genres - BDSM, Rope, Bondage

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