Slutty redhead strung up for revenge

posted by miomi
Little redhead hottie Lizzy Lamb is tricked into the standing bondage by Whitney Morgan and I. We've all been friends but the petite slut has been flirting with and seducing our men. We decide she needs to be taught a lesson and we have her strung up onto her tip toes struggling and wondering what is going to happen. Captured Lizzy is a little snide at first us by saying she can't help it that our men love her ripe young body. I nod at Whitney and we rip her button down shirt open laughing as the button fly everywhere. We tease her upper body licking and kissing her belly and navel, motorboating her breasts and licking them from the sides while her bra is still covering her. As we worship her barely covered body Lizzy continues with more snarky comments but we ignore her protests. I walk off to gather some things and leave her with Whitney. Whitney gets wild on her body, licking her navel, tickling her sides, and groping her breasts, and slapping her butt while the helpless prey continues to protest. I show Lizzy the scissors and run it along her abdomen, thighs, and neck before grabbing the fabric her bra and cut it off. Lizzy pleads as I stare at her with a horny look in my eyes and Whitney mocks her cries for mercy. Lizzy begs "please no" when we start sucking her tits while groping her throughout her body, kissing her sides, licking and tickling her her abdomen, navel and waist line. Just as she thinks we have finished with our fun I grab a spreader bar and a big ballgag. We tie her ankles to the bar and push the ballgag into her protesting mouth. Then as a last measure of humiliation we take some markers and draw on her naked body then leave her strung up to contemplate what she's been doing. Genres - BDSM, Rope, Bondage

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