Sandra Silvers Generous Gag, Pantyhose-d Feet, and Strict Rope Struggles!

posted by salgado
Classic Clubwear MILF Damsel in Distress - Generous Gag, Pantyhose-d Feet, and Strict Rope Struggles!Sandra had arrived home from the club, surprising the cat burglar in her house with her early return. Now she sits, in pantyhose and purple heels, her mini dress hitched up at the skirt by tight crotch rope, big breasts busting over fabric pulled taught under chest harness. The cruel ropes bite into her flesh as she struggles on the leather couch, cheeks aching at the size of the wodge stuffing her mouth, jaw clenched behind the agonizing white wrap of tape stretched right around her head. As she kicks out her legs, tethered at knees and ankles, her stilettos slip off her feet from her struggles and she soon follows them, sliding on to the floor. Her bare foot, sheer nylon sheathed soles and ample ass are quite the treat to watch as she wriggles and rolls on the rug! Genres - BDSM, Rope, Bondage

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