Rachel Adams - Restrained Reporter (part 2)

posted by salgado
Rachel is a stubborn reporter to be sure, and since she won't the story, I have no choice but to eliminate her! Dragging her into the room, I bind her with very sticky vinyl tape, stuffing her mouth full of old panties and wrapping the fiendish gluey grey tape around her head to seal them in place! She struggles like mad, "mmmppph"ing and gag talking for all she's worth, but she's trapped and she knows it! I affix her to an old chair with zip ties, and then bring out the real predicament - A time bomb which is strapped to her chest!! Setting the timer for ten minutes, I leave her to her doom as I make my escape! She struggles like a mad woman, knowing her life depends on her escape, but it is hopeless. It becomes even more desperate when I return and bind her throat to the chiar with more zip ties!! Helpless and immobilized, she can only mewl and whimper for help from behind the gag as she watches the seconds tick away!! Genres - BDSM, Rope, Bondage

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