Pepper Sterling - Silence is Silver

posted by salgado
When I am watching television I like things quiet. Unfortunately, Pepper has to learn that the hard way. I stuff her mouth absolutely full with an old pair of panties and then wrap tape around her face to keep her nice and quiet. Now that she can only mewl and grunt into her gag, it's time to begin taping up the rest of her. Her wrists and elbows get taped together very tightly and then lashed to her body with bands of the sticky gray stuff, circling above and below and across her huge chest. Her arms are now absolutely locked in place so I can make sure that her legs and ankles are nice and secure as well. Now I can enjoy the game in peace, and poor Pepper can struggle as she learns her lesson. She rolls all over the floor and couch, arching her back and kicking but it's no use. The tape is holding her fast. Things are about to get worse for her though because my friends have invited me out to the sports bar to see the rest of the game. I can't let the poor girl struggle around like this. She might hurt herself! So I move her down to the floor, wrap more of the tape around her face, and pull her head back and lock it off to her ankles. Trapped now in a taped hog-tie, the poor girl will be exactly where I left her when I get back. Of course that will be a few hours from now, but every now and then, Pepper needs a good lesson. Genres - BDSM, Rope, Bondage

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