Kalicat Tight Riding Pants and 5.5 inch High Heeled Knee Boots! Part-2

posted by nick97
Sexy kalicat is tightly boxtied and deeply ballgagged in skintight riding pants and 5.5" high heeled black leather knee boots and black leather opera gloves! Struggling and drooling on the floor, poor kalicat waits patiently as i prepare more rope for her impending hogtie! She is at my complete mercy...Gobs of drool drip out from behind the tightly buckled ballgag in her mouth as i rope her up into a tight hogtie..Onscreen! This sexy submissive really enjoys being captured and tightly bound and gagged! And i still have more for her in part-3! Genres - BDSM, Rope, Bondage

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