JJ Plush wants to be hogtied, A true story - Part 2

posted by fMaster
Now that JJ is thoroughly tied, Its gag time. I cleave gag her with an entire roll of elastic wrap. This gag is Tight!! JJ can't even open her eyes. I put her on the floor and get some closeups of the gag and JJ, but I soon have to remove the gag as its just too much. I replace it by stuffing a huge pair of panties in her mouth, and then sealing them in with multiple wraps of clear packing tape around her head. JJ is now ready to be hogtied, and that's what I do. I put her in the tightest hogtie possible without breaking her wrists, which are bent backwards into her lower back. JJ is left to struggle for a while. She can't really move much, except her head. I wrap some black tape around her already gagged mouth and then back to her feet. I leave her once again. I want to roll her on her side, but she decides that she can't handle that. This is an extremely tight tie! JJ did a great job staying in this for as long as she did. At the end of the clip, I remove the rope hogtying her and then remove her gag. You then get to hear JJ talk a little about her bondage while I start to untie her.

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