Genevieve - Chair Gagged Girl!

posted by miomi
Genevieve is dragged roughly into the room, her wrists handcuffed behind her, a hood over her head, held in place with an electrical tape cleave gag. She has no idea where she is or who has taken her, and finds herself roughly made into a chair and taped in place. Her captor removes the hood and immediately clamps a hand over her mouth moments before shoving a two inch ball gag in place (the largest ball gag Genevieve has ever worn) and strapping it in tightly. She begins to drool almost immediately, protesting and begging as the man begins securing her more tightly to the chair, taping her legs together, then locking them off to the chair, wrapping her entire body slowly and methodically, stopping only occasionally to change her gag or grope his helpless plaything. Her clothing is soaked in spit and a large puddle of drool has collected in her lap. The man stuffs a large sponge in place and wraps microfoam tape around her face, sealing it in for good. She mewls and "mmmmpphs", never ceasing her struggles for a moment, even as thee man completely encases her from neck to feet in the duct tape cocoon. She can hardly move now, and she certainly can't stop the man as he pulls a pair of pantyhose over her face and winds black electrical tape around and around, covering her already stuffed and taped mouth, and now even wrapping over her eyes so she is once again unable to see. This last gag is almost more than she can take, as she barely moves, reduced to a whimpering package. Genres - BDSM, Rope, Bondage

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