Fem domme gets bound & humiliated

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Arrogant dominatrix Stacy Burke being interviewed for a job at the new dungeon. The opening is for dominatrix sessions and the uppity petite MILF femdom just keeps on bragging about herself. I start to talk details about the job ... a lot of bondage-really tight bondage, gags of all kind but especially worn socks taped shut on the mouth, freaking toe-ties so tight it makes toes purple, bitchy gag-talking and foot fetishes. Stacy just keeps blabbing on and on mouthing off how experienced she is and she is naturally dominantand strong and has never been tied up. I catch her off guard and press a wet rag over her mouth and nose. Stacy fights it really hard but soon she looses the battle against the fumes. Now it's time for me to make her taste what's in the future for her. She awakens in the tightest possible bondage and despite being bound she starts to talk tough. I show her who is iin charge but stuffing her mouth with a sock and sealing it in with strips of clear tape. Now muffled I warn her that the more she makes noise the worse it will be for her. I resume tying her up binding her big toes tightly together with thin twine but before I finish that she puts up a strong fight for her toes. I laugh and inform her she is now a dominatrix being sold for bondage pleasures to a very powerful client and her toes will probably never will be not tied again because he is so into toe-ties for his women and strong women kept helpless with ropes and tape. This domme is shocked to hear all of this and it shows in her eyes that this is not what she was expecting. Stacy tries to bitch through her gag and struggles hard but in her helplessness she realized that she is no longer what she used to be. She is now a bondage toy. I make her say through her gag that "I am a dominatrix" but you can tie me, gag me because I love bondage and Stacy mmmpphhs this with a little fight still left in her as I walk away leaving her brutally bound, gagged and helpless Genres - BDSM, Rope, Bondage

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