Enchantress Sahrye - Star Witness

posted by nick97
Poor Sahrye thought it was her civic duty to testify against the local crime lord, but she soon found he had other ideas. Nabbed by one of his henchmen, she finds herself taped tightly and her mouth stuffed with a HUGE ballgag! She struggles and "mmpphh"s as she tries to get free, but only succeeds in drooling all over her herself! She nearly succeeds in making a phone call, only to have her last hope snatched away by the villainous underling! In an effort to make sure she goes nowhere, he puts her into a stringent tape hogtie, her head yanked bank to her feet! Left on her own, she can only wiggle and drool as she awaits her fate!! Genres - BDSM, Rope, Bondage

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