Dakkota and Joanna - Warehouse Bound! (part 2)

posted by salgado
After having been caught trespassing in a deserted warehouse, investigative journalists Dakkota and Joanna found themselves bound and gagged by a notorious white slaver. He's promised to show these snoopy reporters exactly how his operation runs, by using them as his next shipment! While waiting for prospective buyers to bid on them, the poor girls have been strung up in severe strappados, mere pieces of meat on display for the hungry clientele. Mouths stuffed full of old panties which have been sealed in place by microfoam tape wrapped savagely around their heads, the helpless victims can only mewl and moan as they hang in suffering silence. They desperately want to be released from the tie, but they fear what's next in store for them. They haven't long to wait, as their assailant returns to put them in another position. Releasing their arms, he ties tight crotch ropes on each girl, then binds them together , stomach to stomach, as he explains that a buyer has been found, but only for one of them. He leaves them there to wonder and worry which one is headed to a new home, and which one is to be permantently disposed of! Genres - BDSM, Rope, Bondage

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