Cunty boss stripped, gagged & tied up

posted by miomi
My new boss Terra Mizu calls me in expecting her report. I've been so busy that I didn't get around to finishing it. Terra rides me telling me I'm too old for the job. I tell the uppity bitch that all the secretaries are tired of her attitude and we all despise her. She demands that I sit down and while she's informing me that I'm fired I grab her in a tight choke hold. The long leggy woman struggles and tries to pry my arm off, but soon she is out. I seize the opportunity to remove her clothing leaving the bitch in just her skimpy thong. Terra's head bobs and weaves as I bind her arms together behind her back crushing her elbows together tightly. I push her down to the floor and stuff a bandana into her big mouth wrapping her pretty face with layers and layers of bandage gagging her. I keep tying her up adding more and more rope taking pleasure in putting a nice tight crotch rope on her. I finish the big tit bitch up in a hogtie making sure to grope and fondle her bound body. I take a live video of her to post in the employee newsletter and leave her humiliated and struggling on the floor ... Genres - BDSM, Rope, Bondage

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