Corporate Raiders Raided! Luscious Lady Boss Sandra Silvers & her Sexy

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While Ami, the accounting firm's office secretary, and her sexy boss Sandra struggle in their roped predicament on the floor, their catsuited burglar Lisa had been giving Silverstern & Associates share-holding some aggressive attention ... Sent by a rival corporate raider determined to crash shares in a company of interest to seize control for themselves in a double-crossing, hostile takeover bid! Finally, the financier and her assistant - captured by the blond in spandex bodysuit, corset and hood - hear the slam of a door and are left alone to cry out through cleavegagged lips for help! But Lisa had not gone far, hearing the muffled commotion of the tied up pair's cries she turns on her heel and slams open the door to Sandra's corner office once more, adding a generous wrapping of vetwrap tape over each mouth. Now the two damsels are left alone once more - Sandra's ample assets secured under her power suit jacket, Ami's bouncing breasts bound in her sweater - secretary and her boss must struggle, wriggle and writhe to free themselves from the ropes they are tied up in, kicking of their high heels from pantyhosed feet in the process, to mitigate the damage and save the shareholders profits! Genres - BDSM, Rope, Bondage

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