Babysitter bound by giggling brat girls

posted by fMaster
Petite babysitter Dacey Harlot is very annoyed at being stuck watching her neighbor's two brat girls. Dacey is trying to lay by the pool getting sun and they are relentlessly begging her for a pool party. She tells them no a hundred times and they aren't listening. They fetch her an ice cold bottle of water and the next thing she knows she's sound asleep. Pretty Dacey wakes up tightly bound on the couch with the girl giggling and laughing at her. She is infuriated that they've done this to her and she struggles to loosen the ropes but the bondage is strict and nothing budges. They continue laughing at her then dangle a big black ballgag in front of her then shove it into her mouth. Dacey is left tightly bound, gagged and struggling on the rug completely helpless while the bratty things giggle and laugh at her peril. Genres - BDSM, Rope, Bondage

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